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How Often Do You Take a Dog to the Vet?

How Often Do You Take a Dog to the Vet?

You are a responsible pet owner and that means that you need to take your dog to the vet. The question is how often does your dog need to see the vet? Our Stockton vets will give you an outline of how often your dog needs to come to see us.

Why Does My Dog Need to See a Vet if They Are Healthy?

You want your dog to have a happy and long life and that means making sure they stay healthy. You will need to go to your vet for regular wellness exams so that your vet may have a record of their health and notice small changes between visits that could be a sign of future problems. Most medical issues if caught early cost less and have a greater chance of recovery.

There is the issue of vaccinations. Depending on the state you live in there is a law about the requirement for the rabies vaccine. Most states require the vaccine. We encourage you to do your research on your individual state law and the fines for failing to have your dog properly vaccinated or exempted based on medical reasons.

You should see your vet and get regular checkups to create a plan for your dog's overall health goals. This means tackling issue like:

  • Weight to avoid obesity or malnutrition.
  • Vaccines that are recommended or required where you are.
  • Spaying/neutering or breeding

How Often Should I See the Vet

This depends on the overall health of your dog. Some breeds have more chronic issues than others. If your dog is healthy and of a breed that is not known for medical issues the next largest factor is age. The ages for dogs can be broken up into three groups: puppy, adult, and senior. Each of these categories requires different vet visiting schedules.

For Puppies

While all dogs are puppies at heart for the purpose of vet visits, being a puppy is the first year of life.

Your puppy will require many vet visits. For the first 16 weeks, they will see them every 3-4 weeks. This is to get all their shots.

At 6 months they should have a check-up to see how they are doing and to get spayed/neutered if you don’t want them to have their own litter.

So if there are no health issues and your puppy doesn’t need emergency care they should see the vet 5 - 6 times in their first year depending on the immunization schedule your vet recommends.

Adult Dog

Adult dogs if they are healthy should only require a yearly physical. During the Physical they can get their booster shots, get tested for common pathogens that prey on dogs and be evaluated for overall health. Your dog should also get annual teeth cleaning. Depending on the results of the check up you might be able to get the dental cleaning done at the same appointment.

Senior Dog

As your dog gets older they will need to see the vet more often. Twice a year is normally a good amount of times to see the vet for a healthy senior dog. Your vet will monitor your dogs health and will suggest changes to diet and exercise to help with the new requirements for their later years.

In Summary

Having a dog means regular visits to the vets. Talk to your vet to go over the requirements your dog needs for their preventative care and wellness exams.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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