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Spaying and Neutering at Rosemarie Pet Hospital

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Spaying and neutering are common, low-risk procedures at Rosemarie Pet Hospital, but they offer enormous, lifelong benefits for your pet. We spay female pets and neuter male animals by removing their reproductive organs, which prevents pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, and a variety of related risks and complications. If your dog or cat hasn't been altered, learn why our Stockton veterinarian recommends it for every patient.

Fight Pet Overpopulation

At Rosemarie Pet Hospital, we care about every member of the animal kingdom. Spaying and neutering helps our patients, but we also spare other animals unnecessary pain and suffering by preventing unwanted litters. Millions of healthy dogs and cats still die every year in overcrowded shelters. We know you don't want your dog or cat to accidentally contribute to the pet overpopulation problem in Stockton. 

Prevent Behavioral Problems

If you've ever lived with a moody teenager, you know reproductive hormones can alter moods, behaviors, and instincts. Your animals are no exception. As dogs and cats reach sexual maturity, physical changes and an instinct to breed may lead to the following behavioral problems:

  • Urinating indoors
  • Attempting to escape
  • Displaying territorial aggression
  • Excessive barking (dogs)
  • Mounting
  • Howling (cats)
  • Fighting other unaltered pets

Some animals are more adversely affected than others. For example, male cats have stronger urges to "spray" or mark their territory than female cats. Fortunately, spaying and neutering can usually prevent or stop this and other behaviors.

Minimize Health Risks & Expenses

Spaying and neutering prevents more than pregnancy. The procedure also lowers or eliminates your pet's risk of developing some of the following conditions:

  • Uterine infections (including pyometra, an infection that can be fatal for unaltered female dogs)
  • Uterine cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Prostate infections
  • Breast cancer
  • Testicular cancer

Save Money on Future Veterinary Services

Like the injuries that occur when unaltered animals roam or fight, reproductive cancers and infections are scary and painful for your pets – and expensive for you. Protecting your pet's health is reason enough to schedule a surgery, but you'll also benefit from preventing illnesses and injuries that may later require expensive and invasive treatment methods.

Keep Your Puppy or Kitten Healthy

If your pet hasn't reached sexual maturity yet, now is the time to act. Young animals are the best candidates for spaying and neutering, because their surgery risks are lowest and they haven't developed the instincts or physical changes associated with reproductive hormones yet. Pets who are spayed before reaching maturity are also least likely to develop cancers of the reproductive system.

Though the surgery minimizes behavioral and health risks for patients of all ages, it's important to schedule your pet's procedure as soon as possible in order to build a lifelong foundation of proper wellness care. Call 209-957-8387 to schedule your pet's spay or neuter surgery at Rosemarie Pet Hospital in Stockton, CA. We will also perform a comprehensive physical exam and personalize a vaccination schedule to protect your pet.

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