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Senior pets have special needs. If you own an older dog or cat, it's important to know what you can do to ensure your pet gets the best quality care possible. At Rosemarie Pet Hospital in Stockton, CA, we strive to educate animal owners about the best ways to keep their older pets happy and healthy. With preventative medical treatment and proper care at home, your pet's senior years can be comfortable.

What You Need to Know About Caring for an Older Animal

  1. Prevention is key. As pets age, their health problems can become more frequent and severe. The best way to keep your pet safe and healthy is to practice prevention of common illnesses. Providing your dog or cat with proper medical treatment and keeping him or her fully vaccinated will help your pet fight off infections and diseases that could create bigger problems later on.
  2. Nutritional needs change. Older pets tend to eat less and need a diet lower in fat. Some pet food companies even make pet formulas that are intended to keep senior pets healthy. The amount of food that your pet will need and the type of food that will benefit your pet most will depend on his or her age, size and medical history. You can talk to your pet's veterinarian about the best diet to feed your pet.
  3. Arthritis can decrease your pet's quality of life. Arthritis can make movement painful for your pet. Some of the things that your pet used to do may no longer be comfortable, like walking up stairs or getting into your bed. Making accommodations for your animal companion will make your pet's final years more happy and satisfying. Giving your pet a softer bed, installing ramps to areas where he or she likes to spend time, and getting your pet medication as needed can help your pet enjoy life more thoroughly.
  4. Your pet will need more frequent, regular checkups. Taking your pet to the veterinarian twice per year will help the vet catch illnesses quickly, so your pet can get the care he or she needs in a timely fashion. This prevents small illnesses from becoming big problems. This also allows the veterinarian to look for the major diseases and medical conditions that plague older pets, like cancer. Catching these problems early may save your pet's life.

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At Rosemarie Pet Hospital, we service pets young and old. With over a decade's experience, we know what older pets need, and we know what to look for when performing routine examinations. For more information about how you can take care of your older animal companion, contact us today at 209-957-8387 and make an appointment.

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