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The Importance of Dental Care for Your Stockton, CA Pet

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Most of us would accept the need for good dental hygiene and regular checkups/cleanings as a given if we want to keep our teeth and our health -- but our pet's teeth need and deserve the same consideration. Animals can fall prey to same kinds of dental and oral disorders as their masters, and in some cases these issues can present a serious threat to your beloved companion's health. That's why Rosemarie Pet Hospital urges Stockton, CA pet owners to schedule the necessary preventative dental care or treatment for dental problems.

By far the most prevalent dangers to your pet's dental health are tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Both of these problems are caused by bacteria that collect on the tooth surfaces, attracted to the sticky combination of saliva and food particles known as plaque. Over time, the plaque hardens into a rough, tough substance called tartar, that covers the tooth both above and below the gum line. The bacteria can work their way through the enamel, causing cavities and infected teeth, while also destroying the ligaments that hold the teeth in place and creating painful abscesses in the jawbone. If this infiltration goes untreated, the bacteria can even travel to your pet's internal organs, doing life-threatening damage.

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Periodontal disease is quite common, afflicting up to 85 percent of adult pets, but that doesn't lessen its potential impact on your pet's quality of life. The smartest way to cope with tooth decay and gum disease in your pet is to minimize them through preventative dentistry and smart home care practices. Our Stockton, CA veterinarian can perform dental care as part of your pet's annual wellness visits. This may include:

  • Tooth and gum inspection - We can use x-rays and other other diagnostic techniques to check your pet's teeth and gums for disease or damage.

  • Oral cancer detection - We can examine your pet's mouth for oral cancer, a fast-growing cancer that requires the soonest possible diagnosis and treatment. 

  • Cleaning - Professional cleaning under anesthesia enables us to scrape even the thickest accumulation of tartar off of the tooth surfaces, even below the gum line.

Senior animals may run additional dental risks that require more than one examination per year. Older cats, for instance, are sometimes troubles by a painful gum-line disorder known as feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions or "cat cavities." Whenever we detect a dental or oral condition, we will advise you on the available treatment options.

Don't forget the value of home dental hygiene. We can show you how to brush your special friend's teeth, and how to check for trouble signs such as:

  • Foul breath

  • Reddened or bleeding gums

  • Loose teeth

  • Lumps or swollen areas

  • Chewing problems or unwillingness to eat

  • Abnormal drooling

Give your furry family member the gift of better health through dental care. Schedule an evaluation today at 209-957-8387!

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