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Physical Exams for Your Stockton, CA Dog or Cat

veterinarian with cat and dog for physical examinations in Stockton,CA

You could argue that regular physical exams are even more important for pets than for humans. After all, we can express to others when something seems wrong with our health, while animals are limited in their ability (or in the case of cats, willingness) to do so. That's why your dog or cat should receive this type of wellness evaluation periodically so you can know that all is well -- and deal with whatever isn't. Here at Rosemarie Pet Hospital in Stockton, CA, our dedicated veterinary team can provide the care and attention all pets need and deserve to help them remain as healthy as possible.

A typical physical exam involves a detailed, snout-to-tail evaluation of your pet's internal and external health. We employ a battery of techniques and procedures to accomplish this, including:

  • External inspection - We will look at and palpate the skin for signs of infection, dermatitis, pest infestation or tumors. Abdominal swelling, lumpy joints or other external warning signals may indicate internal ailments.

  • Laboratory tests - Blood, urine and fecal samples are routinely taken and examined for any telltale signs of disease or internal organ dysfunction.

  • Eye and ear checks - We can examine the eyes with an ophthalmoscope to check for signs of cataracts or other sight-robbing diseases. Ear inspections can reveal mite infestations or bacterial infections.

  • Weight evaluation - If your pet appears overweight for his age and breed, we will weigh him, discuss his diet and activity level, and make the appropriate recommendations to help him slim down safely.

  • Heart and lung inspection - Examining your pet's heart and lung sounds can alert us to the presence of heartworms, congestive heart failure or other serious issues that require attention. 

  • Dental checkup - Our Stockton vet team can determine whether your pet suffers from periodontal disease, oral cancer or other mouth problems, recommending treatment and preventative measures as needed.

  • Behavior monitoring - Pets can exhibit unusual or uncharacteristic behaviors due to neuromuscular or cognitive disorders. We will take note of these behaviors and track down their source.

Schedule a Physical Exam for Your Pet at Rosemarie Pet Hospital

We generally recommend annual physical exams for most healthy adult pets. Baby animals and senior pets may require more frequent exams due to the special health issues and needs that accompany their respective periods of life. We will advise you of the proper schedule for your pet's ongoing physical examinations.

It should go without saying that physical exams can only extent their significant benefits to your dog or cat if you're willing to take the critical first step of arranging the necessary appointments. If you want to make sure your special friend experiences optimal health and wellness for the rest of his life, begin that journey today by calling Rosemarie Pet Hospital at 209-957-8387 or using our online appointment scheduling tool. Together we can keep your pet feeling healthier and happier!

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